Authenticated reviews

In March 2021, Colisée strengthened its commitment to better aging by becoming a mission-led company. One of the main pillars is to guarantee the well-being of residents and make them feel at home. To fulfill this commitment, all Colisée facilities regularly solicit feedback from the residents and their relatives. The reviews collected are for Colisée a real observatory of customer satisfaction.

To go further, Colisée is committed to publishing results in transparent and regulated standards.

  • The reviews are collected and published by an independant trusted third party. (WeDoxa).
  • The rules for collecting and publishing reviews are regulated by the ISO 20488 standard.
  • The personal data are protected by GDPR and enable to spot fake reviews.
  • Personal health data are hosted on servers approved by the Ministry of Health (HADS certificate)
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology is applied to evaluate the sustainability of companies.

This voluntary and engaging approach implies a daily commitment.

We thank all our teams for their involvement with our seniors.

Satisfaction is a priority at Colisée.

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Of all the reviews collected, only those are published :

  • Authenticated reviews from residents and relatives
  • Reviews validated with the author’s consent for publication
  • Reviews in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 20488 standard
  • Reviews shared on the last 24 months

WeDoxa :
Authenticate the reviews of our residents and relatives

WeDoxa acts as a trusted third party to verify reviews and provide with reliable and quality information. The label is based on the ISO NF 20488 standard related to online reviews.

Those who shared a review have committed to

  • leave a useful and sincere opinion
  • have had a personal experience related to the evaluation
  • agree to be contacted by WeDoxa for verification purposes

Our facilities are committed to

  • to allow all users to share a review
  • collect reviews without any financial remuneration
  • reject unauthenticated reviews

WeDoxa is committed to

  • publish all reviews (positive and negative) in an anonymous way
  • publish the reviews within 10 days for a minimum period of one year
  • filter out inappropriate reviews by specifying the reason for rejection
  • guarantee users the right to withdraw their notice
  • guarantee professionals the right to reply to reviews

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