Mission Committee

The Mission Committee brings together a variety of personalities and specialist elderly care profiles, business leaders, ESG directors and Colisée employees. Three members of our Executive Committee are non-voting participants in these meetings. The Mission Committee is responsible for monitoring the mission. Colisée provides all the resources necessary for the successful delivery of the Committee’s tasks.

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Jacques Bailet

  • Former President of the French Food Bank Network

Cédric Bens

  • Director of a rehabilitation clinic at Colisée France
  • Chair of the Supervisory Council of Colisée’s Corporate Mutual Fund

Joaquim Borras

  • Independent member of the Supervisory Board of Colisée
  • Former Executive Chairman of ISS Facility Services Iberia

Anne-Charlotte Cambresier

  • Director of a nursing home at Armonea (Colisée in Belgium)
  • Physiotherapist

Sarah Chouraqui

  • Country Manager France of Too Good To Go
  • Former General Manager of Vertical Station

Maxime Holder

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vitamin T
  • President of Paul group

Jean-Alain Margarit

  • Independent consultant
  • Former President of the Syndicat national des établissements, résidences et services d’aide à domicile privés pour personnes âgées (SYNERPA)

Estelle Prot

  • Independent HR and ESG Consultant
  • Former HR and ESG Director at Colisée

Carole Renucci

  • Founder and President of Podcaster Media
  • Former Editor of Notre Temps Magazine

Jean-Sylvain Ruggiu

  • CSR Director, Pôle Banque de Proximité et Assurances, Groupe BPCE
  • Former Director of BPCE Group PPP and Public Service

Members of the Executive Committee participating in the meetings


Christine Jeandel

President of Colisée


Vincent Klotz

Medical Director of Colisée


Julie Petithomme

ESG Director of Colisée

Mission Committee report 2022

Mission Committee report 2021