Bring together an exchange community, improve the quality of life of seniors

Innovating for better ageing; sharing knowledge and analyses

Giving a full role to relatives and local stakeholders

Preserving and enhancing the talents of seniors

Developing specific support for people with neurodegenerative diseases

Imagining solutions that facilitate local access to services for the elderly

Sharing the same quality of service in all of our facilities

Improve the quality of life of our teams, raise the perception of elderly care careers

Working to promote elderly care professions and professional training

Strengthening an empowering and caring managerial culture

Encouraging and nurturing social dialogue

Ensuring wellness, health and safety at work

Ensuring fairness of compensation and benefits

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Reduce the impact of our activities, protect our quality of life on the planet

Providing solutions for managing demographic and environmental transitions

Implementing our low-carbon strategy, in line with the Paris Agreement

Using a responsible purchasing and supplier-relations approach

Mainstreaming a sustainable food programme

Promoting the protection of biodiversity

Reducing our water consumption