[Newsletter] “Sobriety”, “Building trust”, “Investigations of French Ministry”, “French quality reference framework”.

07 October 2022

EDITO – Sobriety : The key word for a more serene winter

The nursing homes evolve, like all companies, according to the events of the world.

The war that happening on the borders of Europe is taking shape in the form of very high inflation, a scarcity of gas and oil, and energy prices that are soaring or will soar despite the price cap put in place by the Government.

Winter is coming. The issue of sobriety is now on everyone’s lips, and everyone has a role to play. But let’s make no mistake ! The geopolitical context is obscuring the wider issue of global warming. We are only at the beginning of this challenge of sobriety.

Not without effort and anticipation, we are trying to build a model that is both geared towards ageing well and without negative impact on the climate and our environment.

Building trust

This month, we focus on the platform that collects authenticated opinions from residents and their relatives on the quality of their care.

Investigations of French ministry

Since 1985, the French Ministry of Health’s Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (French acronym DREES) has been conducting a major survey on residential care homes for the elderly in France.

French quality reference framework

In the spring, the French National Authority for Health (Haute autorité de santé – HAS) published the first quality reference framework common to the entire social and medico-social sector.

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