[Newsletter] Presentation of the 2nd mission Comittee report.

27 April 2023

Edito – At Colisee, we’re prioritizing action over headlines

Colisée’s newsletter this month focuses on the publication of the 2nd report of the Mission Committee, and on all the results achieved in the past year.

This transparency exercise discusses our achievements, as well as the difficulties encountered and the efforts to be continued in 2023.

As a mission-led company, it was important to report on our continuous improvement approach using key indicators.

Quality of life of residents

The Mission Committee’s 2022 Report shows an upscaling of the tools used to gather feedback from residents and their families, encouraging Colisée to take this approach even further in 2023.

Launch of an initiative to improve quality of life of our teams

In spite of the crises faced and job appeal issues, the second report by the Colisée Mission Committee demonstrates the efforts made across the network in order to improve quality of life for its teams. The results of this dynamic will be confirmed in 2023.

Colisee’s carbon trajectory validated

Colisée’s commitment to the environment and reducing the energy impact of its activities is the third and final pillar of its mission, and this is another area in which efforts have been pushed into a higher gear. 

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