[Newsletter] “On the way to 2023”, “Facilities opening up to their territory”, “MDRS competition”, “Combating clichés”.

23 January 2023

Edito – On the way to 2023

Colisée would like to thank all the teams committed in the past few months to support the elderly people living in our houses or in their homes.

For this new year, we will stay the course and continue to rely on our foundation of mission-led company values and commitments:

1️⃣ Improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of our homes, by shaping with everyone and with their loved ones, a personalized life project

2️⃣ Further improve the working conditions of our employees, in particular by supporting them on the path to training

3️⃣ Face the ecological challenge, further limiting our carbon footprint and achieving our ESG goals.

Our perspective in 2023: act to advance the better ageing of our society

Facilities opening up to their territory

The ‘platform Nursing home’ is not a new concept. But it is making its way in France, little by little, thanks to the dedication of local players who are bringing it to life through concrete actions for the benefit of the greatest number.

MDRS competition

A look back at the prizes won by Colisée and the initiatives of its teams in the latest competition organised by the Maison de Retraite Selection (MDRS) platform in France.

Combating clichés

This month, we take a look at clichés about life in an establishment, thanks to the work of geriatrician Frédéric Bloch on the website The Conversation.

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