[Newsletter] “Towards an awakening”, “Measuring the carbon footprint of the care sector”, “Responsible nutrition”, “Interview with Fabrice Amedeo”.

29 September 2023

Edito – Towards an awakening ?

Among the major transitions sweeping the modern world, two are of particular concern to us : the ecological and demographic transitions. For Colisée, the commitment to environmental conservation has constituted one of the company’s key pillars since 2021.

What does responsible nutrition mean ?

This month, we take a closer look at one of Colisée’s key ecological commitments : the concept of responsability nutrition. This is an initiative that involves all company’s stakeholders coming together to adress the legitimate expectations of residents and their loved ones, as well as our national environmental objectives.

Measuring the sector’s carbon footprint in France

The National Solidarity Fund for Autonomy (CNSA), the Shift Project and the École Nationale Supérieure de Sécurité Sociale (EN3S) have launched the calculation of the carbon footprint at the departmental and national scale of the care sector.

The goal ?

Identify potential decarbonization actions, in terms of travel, buildings or food, for facilities and home care services for elderly or disabled individuals. These scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be quantified in the coming months.

Colisée supports this initiative and participates by sharing the data from its latest carbon footprint, as well as the method of its carbon trajectory, validated by the SBTi in 2022.

Interview with Fabrice Amedeo

After starting out his career in journalism, Fabrice Amedeo became a professionnal sailor participating in prestigious races such as the Vendée Globe.