Aging is a fact but positive aging should be a choice available to all.
For our teams, fostering positive aging for each individual is a duty and a responsibility. It is also a societal choice, the choice of a society in which we want all generations to live in harmony.

We are persuaded that only a society that takes care of its elders is a society that takes care of itself. We are persuaded that only a society that supports better aging is a society that respects itself, life and its ecosystem. A society that remembers that one day we will all be somebody’s elders! In short, we are persuaded that only a society that is committed to the positive aging of each individual, with determination and benevolence, is a society that is destined to last.

We are Colisée.

We foster positive aging and promote the independence of people at every stage of their lives, whether at home or in nursing homes, post-acute facilities or service flats. Our jobs are demanding on a day-to-day basis. We must promote the talents in our collaborators because they are essential to the success of our mission. Our CORE values (Cohesion, Respect and Commitment) guide each of our actions and the attention we pay to the customers who place their trust in us. The well-being of each person depends on our sense of responsibility; nothing is perfect but everything is possible. It’s all a matter of determination and commitment. We make commitments, we share them, we measure their effects, and we renew them. They bind us for the long run and are structured around three focuses:

Make each client feel at home

Drive transition towards a sustainable society

Renew the elderly care industry

This is Colisée.
Because fostering positive ageing
drives society forward.