Creation of the CORE International Academy: a 1-year leadership program for our sites directors

03 May 2022

We are proud to launch our CORE International Academy: over 1 year, our 365 European site directors will participate in an inspiring leadership program.
Our goals? To create a community, a place where directors can listen to each other, be inspired, share and reflect together on Colisée. To build and adhere to a common corporate culture, based on our CORE values of COhesion, Respect and Engagement
>> The CORE International Academy is combining masterclasses with key speakers, live virtual trainings, managerial tests, e-learning modules and a final hackathon.
To accompany us on this journey, we are honoured to have an exceptional godmother who embodies excellence, passion and audacity: Dorine Bourneton.
Dorine is the first paraplegic woman in the world to be an aerobatic pilot. After a plane crash at the age of 16, she did not let her disability stop her dreams. She became a patrol leader and even succeeded in having the regulations changed to allow disabled people become professional pilots. She climbed step by step, by welcoming the unexpected, by listening to her teams because the project flies thanks to their competence and personal being.
Our directors work every day to pursue our mission to our seniors. Our jobs are difficult, demanding, in a sector that is evolving and requires constant adaptation. Dorine’s leaderships skills and determination will be a true inspiration.