Activity Report 2021

13 April 2022

Recent events have underlined the fundamental social benefit of the elderly care activities, but also raised legitimate questions about the way we do our jobs. This gives us an additional responsibility: it is up to us to provide evidence, every day, that we are making progress.

One year after becoming a mission-led company, Colisée shares its first activity report.

This document provides in a synthetic and prospective way our vision of sectoral challenges, our mission, strategy, commitments and performance. Its objective is to show how Colisée intends to create value, today and over a longer term, for the residents, patients, beneficiaries, their relatives, as well as for its employees and investors, and the society at large.

Deepest thanks to all of our teams who work on a daily basis and to clients who put their trust in us. Let’s continue to build Colisée together.

Discover our activity report 2021