Colisée, a leading player in the field of support and care for the elderly, is committed to promoting better aging in its facilities – nursing homes, service flats, rehabilitation clinics – and with its home care services. Colisée is a mission-led company, the day-to-day actions of our 19,000 employees are guided by our purpose and our values: Cohesion, Respect and Engagement. Colisée has over 32,000 places in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy and China.

Nursing homes

Colisée welcomes and cares for the elderly in its nursing homes in five countries. Our teams support better aging by ensuring that each resident feels at home.

In our facilities, employees provide each resident with personalized medical follow-up, based on an attentive approach to pain and the use of non-drug therapies. Our teams are specifically trained to stimulate the physical and cerebral capacities of residents (Montessori method, use of touch screens to encourage exchanges, etc.).

Colisée employees also work to preserve the human ties with relatives while creating a welcoming environment.

This is the bond that nurtures the mental and physical well-being of residents. More generally, Colisée’s teams are multidisciplinary, available 24 hours a day and they work together with external practitioners to meet the needs of each individual.

Service flats

In our service flats in France and Belgium, the elderly find a harmonious balance of autonomy, comfort and social life.

These flats offer the freedom to live independently in suitable accommodations while benefiting from catering, cleaning and caretaker services, as well as leisure activities that can be enjoyed alone or in groups.

Rehabilitation clinics

Our rehabilitation clinics provide patients the benefits of a personalised care pathway, usually after a stay in a hospital or clinics, in order to regain their independence and confidence. Our facilities enlist all the medical and paramedical professionals necessary for the physical, cognitive, psychological, nutritional, and motor rehabilitation of each patient.

In close cooperation with relatives and the practitioners who attend them throughout the year, at the end of each stay appropriate preparations are organised to enable the patient to return either to their place of residence or to a suitable structure, in the best conditions possible.

Home care services

Our home care activities aim at enabling everyone to live at home, free from as many constraints as possible. Seniors, people with disabilities, dependents or convalescents take advantage of our help services for meals or housework, companionship and leisure activities, mobility assistance or night-time accompaniment.

Although this activity shows significant development, it has yet to be structured in most countries.

In France, Colisée’s teams are mobilized for positive aging and offer solutions for every stage of one’s life, whether at home or in nursing homes, post-acute facilities or service flats.
Major player in the elderly care in Belgium, Armonea takes care of the well-being of its residents daily through the Armonea Experience program.
In Spain, Colisée provides high-quality services to the elderdy everyday.
Colisée has operated in Italy since 2014, and accompanies seniors with high-quality care.
In China, Colisée mixes Western and Chinese approaches to provide innovative and adjusted care